Idli recipe | How to make soft idli | Soft idli recipe | Idli with rava

South indian idli recipe

Idli recipe | How to make soft idli | Soft idli recipe | Idli with rava|with the details given below. rava idli is a popular south Indian breakfast recipe. it is very healthy and it contains good calories very healthy breakfast for kids also usually people prefer to have idly with sambar and coconut chutney.

Idli recipe | How to make soft idli | Soft idli recipe | Idli with ravawith step by step traditionally the idli batter is ready with the rice and urad dal combination in 2:1 ratio.however last in urban regions, the idli has undergone a change and is ready with idli rava. idli rava possibility hastens the idli preparation and conjointly yields soft and spongy idli for breakfast.

traditionally idli recipe has been ready with rice and urad dal combination. even currently most authentic recipes particularly for any occasion or in temple feast. however, because of the busy life, most of the urban dwellers and edifice homeowners have tailored to organize with idli rava or rice rava. basically, idli rava is ready with rice however includes a fine and coarse form almost like rava. in other words, only the urad dal is soaked and grounded that is later mixed with idli rava to make a thick idli batter. there isn’t any modification within the ratio and still, follow the same. moreover, with the addition of coarse idli rava, it gives a pleasant texture to the ultimate idli. usually grounded rice batter yields spongy and chewy idli, whereas idli rava makes it soft idli.

furthermore some necessary tips and proposals on the way to make idli batter. firstly, the fermentation of the idli batter is that the key step for the soft and fluffy idli. usually, eight hours of long fermentation is over adequate in wet weather. however, if you reside in a very cold region, you’ll be able to keep it underneath direct daylight during the day and in a very preheated oven during the night. secondly, don’t forget to wash the idli rava before mixing it to the ground urad dal batter. basically, you would like to wash until the water turns clear with none color discharge. lastly, I’d heavily suggest adding salt when the fermentation is done of idli batter. the processed salt may have certain agents which can stop the fermentation process

Preparation time :12 hours

cooking time 20 min

Serving for 30 idlis

Ingredients :

  • Black Gram dal (without skin) (urad dal) 1 cup
  • idli rava 2 cups
  • Fenugreek seeds (methi dana)1/4 tablespoon


  • firstly, in a very large bowl soak one cup urad dal and fenugrek seed for four hours.
  • drain off the water and transfer to mixer or grinder.
  • blend to sleek and fluffy batter adding water as needed.
  • transfer the batter to a large bowl. keep aside.
  • now in another bowl take two cup idli rava.
  • rinse the idli rava with water and drain off the water.repeat this for two or three times or until water runs clean.
  • squeeze off water from idli rava and raise urad dal batter.
  • mix well-ensuring rava and urad dal mix are combined well.
  • now cover and rest in place for 8-10 hours or until the batter ferments and doubles.
  • after 8 hours, batter doubles indicating well fermented
  • add one tsp salt to the batter and blend gently.
  • pour the batter into idli plate greased with oil.
  • place in steamer and steam for ten minutes on medium flame or until it cook.
  • finally, soft idlis are able to serve together with chutney and sambar.

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