Sweet Pongal Recipe | Chakkara Pongal Recipe | Sakkarai Pongal Recipe


Sweet Pongal Recipe or Chakkara Pongal Recipe or Sakkarai Pongal Recipe is a traditional recipe and a type of sweet. so many people well-known about this recipe especially in South Indian Places like Andrapradesh Karnataka and Tamil Nadu ,kerala, usually, this is prepared as prasadham or nivydhyam to offer god while festivals or any special occasions. Most of the people like to have as breakfast also.

Sweet Pongal Recipe is a usually prepared with moong dal or pesarapappu (lentil seeds), here we learn how to prepare delicious sweet Pongal recipe at home. here is our style of sweet Pongal is very special and u can stock it for 2 to 3 days also.

Preparation time : 20 min

cooking time 20 min

Serving for 3 people

Ingredients :

  • Lentil seed (moong dal) 1/4 cup
  • Any kind of rice 3/4 cup
  • Grated Jaggary 1//2 cup
  • sugar 3/4 cup
  • Ghee 5 tablespoon
  • Dry coconut cubs 1/4 cup
  • Cashew nuts 10-15 nos
  • Raisins 10-15 nos
  • Cardamom 3-4 nos (for powder)
  • Edible camphor Small portion.


  • Take a heavy bottom pan in the pan add moong dal (lentil seeds).
  • Roast moong dal in medium flame until it turns aromatic and kept it aside.
  • Take rice wash and add to the pan
  • Wash roasted moong dal and add to the rice add 2 cups of water and cook in high flame for 3 whistles.
  • dot soak rice and moong dal it’s an important step to get the accurate result.
  • Take another pan to add grated jaggery and sugar add little water and boil lesser tp 1 string consistency.
  • Filter the syrup and add to the cooked rice and moong dal mix.
  • Cook in mediumĀ flame till rice absorb sugar syrup.
  • For garnish and taste, take a small pan and add 3 tablespoons of ghee, add dry coconut cubes, cashew nuts, raisins, roast it until it turns golden colored.
  • Add this to cooked rice and add another 2 tablespoons of ghee.
  • cooks until lumpy on medium flame.
  • Extra ghee gives u more delicious taste, finally add little cardamom powder and edible camphor (available in markets) is very important to gets nice aromatic flavour.

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