How to Make Mutton Dum Biryani | Mutton Dum Biryani Recipe | Hyderabadi Special Mutton Dum Biryani


How to Make Mutton Dum Biryani|Mutton Dum Biryani Recipe|Hyderabadi Special Mutton Dum Biryani is popular colorful and fragrant rice recipe prepared with a special type of rice called basmati rice ,this type of biriyani, spicy mutton gravy acts a layer on the flavored rice and topped with the aid of coriander leaves, fresh mint leaves, caramelized onion after which it is seasoned with the saffron milk. This dish is widely popular in Hyderabad. Mutton Dum biriyani contributes to being a very unique dish, enjoyed by people in India. It is considered to be an integral part of the feast at the time of the Eid festival. It is possible to cook dum biriyani in a wide array of ways. This write-up comprises of a simple recipe of mutton biriyani. In order to cook mutton dum biriyani following the below-mentioned recipe, you need to opt for tender meat and then cook the same on low heat.

You will not be able to cook the mutton biriyani in the perfect way if you fail to choose the right kind of meat. Next to this, if you try cooking the biriyani on high flame, chances are that the biriyani may end up in becoming hard. To cook mutton dum biriyani with the tender and soft chunks, follow the below-mentioned recipe:

For the marination purpose, you need to make use of oil and yogurt that will play a vital role in making it tender. A wide array of people also makes use of grated raw papaya for the marination purpose. You need to add 2 tablespoons of grated raw papaya to marinate half kg of mutton.


For marination

You need to arrange the following ingredients to marinate the mutton for the preparation of the biriyani:

•    Mutton (Half kg)

•    Lemon juice (one and a half tablespoon)

•    Red chili powder (one tablespoon)

•    Yogurt or curd (half cup). Make sure that the curd or yogurt you are going to use is not sour

•    Salt (Half Tablespoon)

•    Oil (one tablespoon)

•    Biriyani Masala powder (one tablespoon)

•    Ginger Garlic paste (one tablespoon)

•    Raw papaya paste (two tablespoons)

•    Turmeric powder (one tablespoon)

For the preparation of biriyani rice

Opt for the below-mentioned ingredients to prepare rice for the mutton biriyani

•    Basmati rice soaked in water for twenty minutes (two cups)

•    Water (Eight cups)

•    Shahaji jeera (half tablespoon)

•    Green cardamom (Three)

•    Bay leaf (one)

•    Cinnamon (One)

•    Cloves (Three)

Ingredients for the gravy

Make sure to have the following ingredients to prepare the gravy for the mutton dum biriyani

•    Bay leaves (one)

•    Ghee or oil (three tablespoons)

•    Green cardamoms (Four)

•    Black cumin (Three-fourth tablespoon)

•    Anise (One star)

•    Cloves (Eight)

•    Cinnamon (Two inches)

Additional ingredients required for the preparation of the dum biriyani

Here are few of the other ingredients in order to prepare the delicious dum biriyani:

•    Mint for the top layer and Coriander (four tablespoons)

•    Green chilies (Two)

•    Fried onions (one-third cup)

•    Yogurt (Half cup)

•    Coriander leaves and mint leaves (Four tablespoons)

•    Saffron (one pinch) that needs to be soaked in hot milk (two tablespoons)


Follow the step by step guide for the preparation of mutton biriyani

•    At first, marinate the meat with the aid of salt, oil, turmeric, yogurt, lemon juice, red chili powder, ginger, salt, garlic, biriyani masala.

•    After this, you should continue refrigeration for the time duration of four hours. You can also keep the marination mixture for the night to achieve the best results. In case you are going to use raw papaya paste, it is sufficient to keep the marination for the time duration of one hour and start the preparation.

•    After washing the rice, you should make sure to soak the same for the time session of half an hour to forty minutes. After draining the same to the colander completely, you need to set the rice aside.

Step by step guide for the preparation of the gravy for the mutton

Follow the below-mentioned guide in order to prepare the gravy for the mutton biriyani:

•    Heat the pressure cooker on the flame with oil and add whole spices in the pressure cooker

•    After this, you need to add the green chilies and onions and continue frying them until they appear to be a brown color and is going to caramelize. Continue the stirring process to ensure that it does not burn. This process is vital to get the right taste and aroma. You should make sure to use oil in sufficient amount for the frying of the onions in a proper manner. Keep half of the onions, fried aside for the purpose of garnishing.

•    Now lower the flame and add the marinated mixed meat.

•    In the next step, you need to add half of the mint leaves and coriander saute for the time duration of three to four minutes.

•    Cover with a lid and continue cooking on the low flame until the meat gets tender and soft. You can also cook for at least two to three whistles in the pressure cooker.

•    Now turn the stove off. In case you are using any heavy bottom pan instead of the pressure cooker, you should make sure to continue the stirring process to ensure that it does not burn.

•    Keep in mind to keep the flame low so that the mutton does not become hard.

Step by step for the preparation of the biriyani rice

•    Here is a guide to prepare the biriyani rice:

•    Adopt the below-mentioned process for the preparation of the biriyani rice

•    At the time of cooking the meat, start boiling water in a separate pot of large size. After this, add salt and whole species. You should ensure that the boiled water is a bit salty.

•    Once you find that the water is about to boil, pour the drained rice in it.

•    Continue cooking until it is ninety percent done. Take a bite of the rice and check if it is cooked completely.

•    In the next step, you need to drain the water off to the colander.

•    Now, soak saffron in milk in little amount and keep the same aside.

•    Once the pressure is removed, open the cooker. You will find thick gravy. By the time, the mutton also gets cooked completely. Check if it is still left. You should make sure to continue till the meat is tender and soft.

The final step for the preparation of the mutton dum biriyani:

•    Now, the biriyani rice, the gravy is ready and you need to complete the last step in order to prepare mutton dum biriyani:

•    Mix the cooked mutton with the remaining curd

•    Add chopped mint leaves and coriander leaves, fried onions and make sure to mix them in a perfect manner. You should make sure to check the spice and salt at this stage and then adjust.

•    In this step, add a layer of the rice over the cooked meat evenly.

•    Sprinkle mint leaves, chopped coriander, fried onions and ghee (one tablespoon)

•    Add the saffron mixed milk now.

•    Cover the rim of the pot, in which the biriyani is stored with a thick and moist clean cloth

•    A heavy lid needs to be placed over the same. In case, you fail to find a heavy lid, place the bowl, having water on the lid.

•    Now heat a tawa till it becomes very hot. Now keep the pot over the heated tawa and continue cooking for the time duration of fifteen minutes on a low flame.

•    Let it rest for the time duration of fifteen minutes at least.

•    Your biriyani is now ready and you can serve with raita.

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